Facebook Marketplace Dating

Facebook Marketplace Dating

Facebook Marketplace Dating

What a shock to discover that what initially began as a website where people could buy and sell products has evolved into an unexpected place where people may make friends.

I will briefly run you through the idea of Facebook Marketplace Dating in this blog post, looking at its benefits, potential drawbacks, and the dos and don’ts for anyone thinking about using this unusual method of dating.

What is dating on Facebook Marketplace?

Someone might be wondering what Facebook Marketplace is all about. well, this is it-  people are using Facebook’s Marketplace, which was created for trading products and services, to look for romantic companions.

This is the funny aspect of it- Users attract potential mates by submitting clever or emotional personal descriptions, images, and interests as opposed to putting adverts for products.

The core concept is to take advantage of the social network’s enormous user base to locate others who share your interests for casual encounters, dating, or relationships.

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