Summer Internship for High School Students

Summer Internship for High School Students

Academic scores and grades only will narrow your chances of getting admitted into a good university.

Extracurricular activities significantly increase your chance and show the school that you are a serious applicant and determined to succeed in your chosen career.

As such, I will show you the best summer internship for high school students.

What Is Summer Internship for High School Students

A summer internship for high school students is a temporary work opportunity typically undertaken during the summer break. It allows high school students to gain hands-on experience in a professional setting, explore potential career paths, develop skills, and build resumes.

Summer internships allow students to apply classroom knowledge to real-world scenarios and learn from professionals in their chosen fields.

High school summer internships can vary, ranging from a few weeks to a few months. They can be part-time or full-time, depending on the program and the student’s availability.

Internships can occur in various industries, including business, technology, healthcare, science, arts, etc. Some internships may be paid, while others may offer stipends or be unpaid.

10 Best Summer Internships for High School Students

Here are the best summer internship for high school students.

  • Geosciences Bridge Program

Application deadline: March

The Geosciences Bridge Program is a 6-week summer internship program hosted by the University of Maryland Eastern Shore and designed for students who want to go into geosciences. During the six weeks, you will be taught in classes, go on field trips and get practical experience.

You will be given meals, housing, and free travel from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore (UMES), and you will be paid a compensation fee of $3000 and college credit.

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  • Student Historian internship

Application deadline: Mid-Feb

The New York Historical hosts this high school historian internship, and you get to learn about libraries, museums, and the history field, create digital projects, and conduct research.

Additionally, you will collaborate with peers to build public speaking skills and gain hands-on work to increase your knowledge of American history. The internship is unpaid, but you gain school credits or community service.

  • Cincinnati Museum Center

Application deadline: Ongoing

Cincinnati Museum Centers offers one of the best summer internships for high school students, lasting ten weeks. It allows you to learn about professional opportunities in non-profits and museums and non-profits.

The internships annually may include community building, archeology, zoology, and more. To be eligible, you must be up to 18 years and have graduated from high school.

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  • Library of Congress

Application deadline: April 24

If you want to go into research and writing, public programming, exhibition development, and outreach, the Library of Congress offers the best internship for you.

It is an unpaid four-week internship where you will be taught to research and develop content to support the participatory learning space for families in the Library of Congress.

  • Met High School Internships

Application deadline: October 28

Met High School Internship is one of the best summer internships for high school students. This internship is open for rising juniors and seniors from New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut to connect with art, museum, and creativity professionals at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, one of the world’s finest museums.

The internship is a paid one where you are compensated $1125, and the training isn’t just for students who want to go into Arts.

Suppose you are interested in marketing, editorial, social media, conservation, education, scientific research, etc. In that case, you can apply for the internship, as you will be linked to professionals in small groups to groom you.

  • Expanding Horizons

This Expanding Horizons internship is offered by the Constitutional Rights Foundation to Los Angeles high school students to train them in personal growth and skill development to prepare them for career, college, and civic life.

The program consists of interactive seminars in the spring and a paid summer internship at a non-profit, law organization, or government sector.

  • US Department of Education Internships

Application deadline: February 15th

Suppose you are interested in going into education. In that case, one of the best summer internships for high school students that you should go for is the US Department of Education Internship hosted by the Department of Education.

In the internship, you can have work-on experience in administration, government, and federal education and policy.

Also, the internship can be in Education Policies, Human Resources Management, Data Analytics, Training and Development, Project Management, Communications, and Grants Management.

  • Adler Planetarium Summer High School Internship

Application deadline: March 3rd

For high school students in Chicago: The Adler Teen Summer Internship allows you to gain real-world work experience and transferable skills in STEM fields.

The application process is rigorous and very formal and requires you to submit a cover letter and partake in an interview. It is a paid internship where you will be compensated with $2450.

  • The Scripps Research Translational Institute (SRTI)

Application deadline: March 28th

For students interested in health sciences, computer/computational science, and statistics, the SRTI provides an opportunity to work and learn from globally recognized digital medicine, bioinformatics, and genomics scientists.

This internship plays a significant role in combining mentorship, lab work, and research projects. The training is unpaid, but you will get school credits.

  •  AFRL Scholars Program

Application deadline: March

The AFRL Scholars Program, hosted by the Universities Space Research Association, is a paid internship for STEM students at high school, undergraduate, and graduate, levels.

The internship gives you an opportunity for the Interns to work with AFRL scientists and engineers on innovative research projects that enable them to get relevant experience. 

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