Successful Facebook Dating Stories

Successful Facebook Dating Stories

Online dating can be scary, but it is not in reality. You just have to be yourself, don’t lie or pretend to be somebody you are not. The truth is that you don’t have to appear perfect. Online dating isn’t for perfect people but for sincere people searching for love, companionship, or sexual exploration.

Facebook Dating has produced beautiful love stories that show how two people met online, got to know each other, and developed something lovely and worthwhile. These stories are both inspiring and beautiful. These stories will undoubtedly throw you into greater surprises. Here, we will look at successful Facebook Dating Stories.

Successful Facebook Dating Stories

Here are some examples of inspiring successful Facebook dating stories that will amaze you.

The Guy Who Found His Future Wife On Facebook

If you are good with scrolling through your timeline, you might see who you know, and something may click from there. This is the story of a guy who found a girl he used to know in school on his timeline.

He googled her and discovered she was married with a baby girl. He decided to ore her Facebook posts and stay quiet. Funny enough, they matched on Facebook Dating after two years, and it clicked up from there. Now there are happily married and living well.

The Couple Who Met on Speed Dating Over Facebook Dating

Do you think that love at first does exist? Some people are lucky to fall in love at first sight and grow into something beautiful. Facebook Dating features a speed-dating event where you can easily meet new people.

Singles usually sign up for these events to find companionship and explore love. This is the story of two singles who attended a speed-dating event and immediately clicked when they found themselves on Facebook. They immediately became soul mates showing attributes of a perfect marriage. They later married and became a couple.

 The Guy Who Was Contacted By His Ex

Facebook is a great place to make new friends and reconnect with old friends. This happened to a guy in the UK whose ex-girlfriend tagged him in a photo on Facebook. Afterward, she sent a message asking him what he was up to. It was initially surprising, and he discovered that she had just left a terrible relationship.

They reconnected and began talking, and the love gradually ignited, and they ended up getting married and are blessed with twins.

The Girl That Found Her Life Partner On Facebook

You don’t have to meet someone physically to fall in love with them. This happened to a young girl who just celebrated her 19th birthday and joined Facebook Dating.

She got matched with this guy and later found out they lived in the same neighborhood. They have never talked before, but began talking after being matched on Facebook Dating. They became friends and started dating after a couple of months. Now they are engaged and have a blooming relationship.

The Girl Who Doesn’t Want to Date Online

During the revolution of dating apps, many people do not want to go into it. They prefer the old-fashioned method of meeting the person physically first. This was the case of a girl in her mid-20s in LA searching for love.

On this faithful day, her niece playing with her phone, mistakenly opened and registered a Facebook Dating profile for her. She was later matched and got the notification. At first, she was angry and scared and decided to take the chance. Hopefully, the date turned out better than she had imagined. Now they are partners and share two kids.

The Guy Who Traveled Across the Seas for Love

Facebook Dating allows you to get love from a different region or country. There is this Asia guy who has always dreamed of marrying a British. His wish came to pass when he got matched with a British girl based on mutual interest.

He traveled to the UK to meet her after a series of video calls. On seeing her, he was elated. He postponed to her after a couple of weeks, he went back to his country and migrated over to the UK after some months. They are both married and doing professionally well in their careers.

The Guy Who Was Matched With His Future Wife On Facebook

Chris was an introverted person who wanted to explore love. He got matched to Mercy. Mercy never knew he was a guy, so she was skeptical about replying to him. After her friends had disturbed her, she obliged and answered him.

They went on a date, and the story clicked up from there. They are now dating and living together. They have opened a YouTube account where they upload about their love life.


Facebook Dating is one of the best free online dating sites to explore. From the above stories, you will know that it is possible to find love, happiness, and even a life partner from this dating site. So, brace up and register for Facebook Dating.

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