Top 8 Islamic Schools in Ottawa

Islamic Schools in Ottawa

Islamic schools are religious schools that emphasize the Madrasa. Unlike secular schools, Islamic schools are designed to train you in the way of Islam in addition to the training and knowledge you will acquire as a student. 

Are you looking for the top Islamic school in Ottawa? This guide will show you the top eight Islamic schools in Ottawa where you can enroll your children if you want them to learn Islam tenants as they build up their high school credit. 

Are There Islamic Schools In Canada?

Yes, there are Islamic schools in Canada. Islamic schools are educational institutions that provide a curriculum that includes Islamic teachings along with standard academic subjects.

These schools aim to integrate Islamic values and teachings into their daily routines and educational programs.

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Islamic schools in Canada can be found in various provinces and cities, catering to the Muslim community’s educational needs. These schools may range from elementary to high school levels and are often operated by local Muslim communities or organizations.

The curriculum in Islamic schools typically includes standard subjects such as mathematics, science, language arts, social studies, Islamic studies, Arabic language instruction, and Quranic memorization.

Top 8 Islamic Schools in Ottawa

Here are the top eight Islamic schools in Ottawa: 

  • Ottawa Islamic School

Ottawa Islamic School is one of the top Islamic schools in Ottawa, designed specifically for Muslim girls from grades 7 to 12. The school was established in 2003 by some Ontario Muslim parents who want their kids and wards to have quality education. 

Ottawa Islamic School is situated at Nepean and is dedicated to exposing your female girls to holistic education, which includes spirituality, academic excellence, and service to the community. The school’s academic program is accredited, and the teachers are legally certified with the courses recognized by the Canadian Ministry of Education.

The students at Ottawa Islamic School also get involved in a weekly Islamic class where they teach Arabic and Qur’an. 

  • Phone: +1 613-727-5066
  • Address: 10 Coral Ave, Nepean, ON K2E 5Z6, Canada
  • Ahlul-Bayt Islamic School

Ahlul-Bayt Islamic School is an Islamic coeducational elementary school in Ottawa, Ontario, that teaches subjects like mathematics, social studies, sciences, Arabic and Islamic studies.

The school aimed to provide sound and excellent academics in a safe Islamic atmosphere and educational environment to help them develop a sound Islamic identity and be good citizens of Canada. 

After completing the application form, you will be requested to pay a non-refundable enrollment fee of $150. 

  • Phone: +1 613-526-0774
  • Address: 3025 Albion Rd N, Ottawa, ON K1V 9V9, Canada
  • École Ibn Batouta

École Ibn Batouta is a bilingual Islamic school in Ottawa in Carlsbad Spring. It offers French and English elementary and high school programs, and the school’s values are based on Islam.

The school has world-class library facilities that grant access to subjects and programs taught in Arabic, French, English, Urdu, and Spanish.

To enroll in the school, you must undergo an admission process where the staff members will interview you, and you will be accepted if they are convinced that you will live up to the École Ibn Batouta’s expectations of excellent behavior.

  • Phone: +1 613-730-6396
  • Address: 6479 Russell Rd, Carlsbad Springs, ON K0A 1K0, Canada

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  • Abraar Secondary School

One of the major top Islamic schools in Ottawa is Abraar Secondary School, which is open to Muslims and non-Muslims to help them excel academically and spiritually. 

Abraar Secondary School is an independent Islamic school established to provide Islamic education to children in the Greater Ontario Area. The Ontario Ministry of Education fully accredits Abraar Secondary School application is made online, and you will be requested to pay a non-refundable application fee of 100 dollars.

  • Phone: +1 613-820-0044
  • Address: ABRAAR Secondary SCHOOL, 1085 Grenon Ave, Ottawa, ON K2B 8L7, Canada
  • Rahma School

Rahma School is regarded as the best Islamic school in Ottawa because it offers the best and most convenient teaching methods, which provide the most resources for the students. 

Rahma School offers a place to come and study Islam and where you can be yourself, experience success and make new friends. 

  • Phone: +1 613-400-9440
  • Address: 1660 Prince of Wales Dr, Ottawa, ON K2C 1P4, Canada
  • Alnour School

The Alnour School\ is one of the most recognized private Islamic schools in Ottawa, and it is affiliated with the Canadian Muslim Society, which is recognized for teaching Arabic and Islam. It is located in Broadview Public School.

The curriculum of Alnour School covers the totality of the curriculum, including Islamic education and Arabic language classes. Additionally, the school has a well extensive library where the students can easily borrow books. 

Alnour School has a very strict and selective admission process where you will be vetted on various criteria, and once you are found qualified, you will be given the application form to fill out, and you have to pay a non-refundable fee. 

  • Phone: +1 613-265-5060
  • Address: 535 Dovercourt Ave, Ottawa, ON K2A 0T2, Canada
  • Al-Fajr School

Al-Fajr School is one of the most notable Islamic schools in Ottawa that offers a variety of subjects to meet the educational need of students from kindergarten to Grade 12. 

Al-Fajr has a contract to offer its curriculum under the Ontario Ministry of Education contract. It is affiliated with the Canadian Islamic Trust and has a culture and Arabic language program for students who aren’t good or fluent in Arabic.

The school offers Islamic History and Civics, Arabic Language, Islamic World Geography, Arabic Culture and Heritage, and Arabic Literature. Also, it aimed to create an enabling environment where students can learn about their culture, heritage, and faith and maintain outstanding academic performance. 

  • Al-Furqan School Ottawa

Last but not least is Al-Furqan School Ottawa, renowned for its excellent track record, making it one of the best Islamic schools in Ottawa. The school is situated at BGC Ottawa. Al-Furqan offers a wide range of programs for students from pre-school to high school, including Urdu, Arabic, and more.

Al-Furqan School was established in 1994 by a small group of Ottawa families who wanted an Islamic school that was intellectually stimulating and encouraged students to be the best academically while maintaining their religious integrity. 

  • Phone: +1 613-680-7261
  • Address: 2825 Dumaurier Ave, Ottawa, ON K2B 7W3, Canada


Islamic schools in Ottawa are among the best places for students to grow academically and spiritually. These schools offer a comprehensive education where students can live and explore their faith as they learn. 

Go through the website of the schools to choose which is best for your children or ward. Note that although they are all Islamic schools, they have their peculiarities and differences in teaching methodology and curriculum. 

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