FUGASHUA School Fees 2024/2025 Academic Session | Federal University Gashua, Yobe School Fees

FUGASHUA School Fees

FUGASHUA School Fees – Federal University Gashua, Yobe has released the school fees schedule for both freshers and returning students for the 2024/2025 academic session.

This article provides detailed information on FUGASHUA tuition fees, including departmental breakdowns.

To access the FUGASHUA school fees portal for payment, visit www.fugashua.edu.ng. It’s important to note that the fees provided here represent the total amount payable by each student and are subject to periodic updates by the university.

For prospective students, this breakdown offers insight into the financial requirements for each department.

Any revisions to FUGASHUA fees for both the first and second semesters will be promptly updated in this article. Stay tuned for the latest updates on FUGASHUA school fees.

How Much is FUGASHUA School Fees 2024/2025?

The current school fees for Federal University Gashua, Yobe are ₦34,700 for new students and ₦26,700 for returning students.

However, it’s important to note that fees may vary for part-time, postgraduates, direct entry, and freshers.

These fees can be accessed and paid through the online portal on the official website of the university.

Upon visiting fugashua.edu.ng, students can find the breakdown of fees specific to their department or course.

While the fees may differ for various programs, they generally remain consistent across all courses, including Medicine and Surgery, Pharmacy, Computer Science, Mass Communication, Law, and others.

Students are reminded to adhere to the payment deadlines provided by the university to avoid incurring additional charges.

Late payments may result in penalties in the form of extra fees. For more information and updates on FUGASHUA school fees, students can visit https://fugashua.edu.ng/

What’s the School Fees for Returning Students?

The Federal University Gashua, Yobe, has emphasized the importance of paying school fees for the current session before the specified deadline.

Students are urged to make timely payments to avoid any complications that may arise from delayed transactions.

FUGASHUA has also announced the deadline for the payment of school fees for both freshers and returning students. Students must adhere to this deadline to ensure smooth academic operations.

Additionally, the school fees for science-related courses and direct entry students have been updated. Students can verify the current fee schedule by visiting www.fugashua.edu.ng.

For the latest updates on FUGASHUA School Fees for the 2024/2025 academic session, students are encouraged to leave their comments outlining any issues they may be experiencing.

The university will respond promptly to address their concerns.

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