Duolingo Thrive Internship

Duolingo thrive internship

The Duolingo Thrive Internship program is a highly-competitive program that gives students the chance to gain valuable experience in one of the most popular language learning platforms around the world.

This internship will give participants the opportunity to work on actual projects, collaborate and learn from talented professionals and help develop innovative solutions for language learning.

The program offers a supportive, inclusive environment in which interns can develop their skills, build their network and have a positive impact on the field of educational technology.

You will be immersed in a 12-week team and work with a mentor on a product or workforce project.

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Duolingo Job Opportunities

Customer Success Specialist and Sales Specialist (Business development):

Job Role

  1. Track opportunities in Pipedrive from lead to sale.
  2. Monitor the customer service email account to assist clients and prospects via email
  3. Slack allows you to escalate issues and triage them for the correct team or manager.
  4. Support the team in maintaining the required cadence for communication with clients. This includes arranging regular meetings.
  5. Prepare materials to engage clients, such as usage reports and meeting cards
  6. Follow key performance indicators, such as average first response time and average resolution time. Also, consider customer satisfaction and closed sales.

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Duolingo intern salary

The salary of Duolingo Interns is not disclosed publicly, since it can vary depending on factors like location and experience level.

Duolingo offers its interns a competitive compensation package, as well as valuable learning opportunities, mentorship, and industry professionals.

Duolingo levels explained

Duolingo’s levels allow you to gauge your proficiency in a language. The levels are divided by user performance on various language assessments and exercises.

These levels allow users to track their progress, and set goals in their language learning journey.

Duolingo also offers a gamified language learning approach, which makes it fun and engaging for users of any age.

Duolingo: Benefits to Working in Duolingo

  • Employees, eligible dependents, and partners are entitled to medical, dental and vision coverage.
  • You can benefit from therapy and coaching sessions to help you be your best self.
  • Fertility benefits can support your family planning journey
  • Adoption and parental leave with full pay
  • Care.com subscription with paid backup days and dependents included
  • Winter break: Two additional weeks of time off in addition to the 20-day paid holiday
  • A yearly stipend to support professional development
  • Transport reimbursement for how you arrive at work
  • All full-time employees are invited to an annual international retreat
  • om for taking brain breaks

Where does Duolingo have its office?

Duolingo is headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA. The majority of employees work here. Additional offices are located in Beijing, China, Berlin, Germany, New York, NY, and Seattle, WA.

Pittsburgh is the location of our new interns and graduates, with a few exceptions in our Beijing office.

Can I apply to multiple positions?

Please apply for all positions that you are interested in. We find that it is most effective to apply only for roles that match your qualifications and the requirements of the role.

Is there anything that I can do if my interview requires special accommodations?

We will do all we can to ensure that the interview environment is fair and accurate in assessing your skills. Please contact your recruiter if you require assistance or accommodation.

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