Fully Funded Cambridge Africa Changemakers Scholarship 2024 (PhD Students)

Cambridge Africa Changemakers Scholarship

Fully Funded Cambridge Africa Changemakers Scholarship

Cambridge Africa Changemakers Scholarship is on. We’re pleased to inform you that applications are currently being accepted for the 2024 Cambridge Africa Changemakers Scholarship, which offers full-cost scholarships for PhD studies in any field to candidates from any African nation.

The program is open for enrollment at any college within the University.

Are you interested int the Cambridge Africa Changemakers Scholarship? Then this article is for you. Ensure you read it to the very end.

The primary objective of this Cambridge Africa Changemakers Scholarship initiative is to provide financial assistance to exceptionally talented students seeking admission to the university.

Priority will be given to students whose research contributes to the development of sustainable futures resilient to climate change and fosters the growth of the African continent.

It is noteworthy that this scholarship program is closely associated with the Mastercard Foundation scholars programme.

Cambridge Africa Changemakers Scholarship Requirements

Requirements for eligibility include a research focus that contributes to the advancement of the African continent and the establishment of climate-resilient and sustainable futures for both Africa and the global community.

The University of Cambridge

Established in 1209, the University of Cambridge is a renowned public collegiate research institution situated in Cambridge, England.

It holds the distinction of being the world’s third-oldest university in continuous operation. The university’s inception was marked by the migration of scholars from the University of Oxford to Cambridge in the wake of a dispute with local townspeople.

Despite occasional characterizations of the two ancient English universities as rivals, the University of Cambridge and the University of Oxford share numerous common features.

Collectively, they are often referred to as Oxbridge, reflecting their historical significance and influence on higher education.

Cambridge Africa Changemakers Scholarship Benefits

The benefits of the scholarship encompass:

  • coverage of university tuition fees
  • an annual stipend deemed sufficient for a single person
  • immigration health surcharge
  • visa expenses as well as travel and research costs.

How to Apply

Applicants for the Cambridge Africa Changemakers Scholarship should note that a separate application for this scholarship is not necessary.

The application for admission to the University of Cambridge, submitted by the funding deadline corresponding to the specific course, suffices (refer to the Postgraduate Course Directory for details).

For additional details and application procedures, please visit the official webpage. The application deadline varies depending on the specific course.

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